User Levels and Rakeback Rates

Our VIP program has been carefully designed to maximize our players' online poker experience. As soon as you make your first deposit, you will be automatically added to our VIP program.

The Pokerbaz VIP Program has numerous advantages: it includes VIP Points and Commission returns.

Question: How does the VIP program work?

Answer: When you open an account and deposit money at Pokerbaz, you are included in the VIP program. When you start the game for the first time, you are a Bronze level player and your levels increase as you continue to play more. The more you play, the higher your VIP Level. The rewards grow exponentially as the VIP levels increase.

Question: How do you win VIP rewards / points?

Answer: You will earn VIP points for every raked hand you play at our poker tables. As these points grow, your VIP level increases and you get more rakeback. Simply put, you only have to play at our cash and tournament tables to earn points.

Below is a table of how players earn VIP points as they play poker at Pokerbaz. As mentioned earlier, all players are included in the program during registration. The tables below show how players increase their VIP levels.

Each VIP level becomes bigger multiplier and higher rakeback payment as it rises. As your VIP level rises; You also get exclusive rewards such as access to special tournaments, hosting special games and tournaments, and tickets to some live tournaments.

Check out the VIP Program below:

Level Rakeback Required Point Period Min. Point Support Period
Bronze 5,00% - - 0 -
Silver 10,00% 2,500 90 days 1,250 90 days
Gold 15,00% 10,000 90 days 5,000 90 days
Platinum 25,00% 37,500 90 days 18,750 90 days
Diamond 35,00% 125,000 90 days 62,500 90 days
Elite 40,00% 525,000 90 days 262,500 90 days
Supernova 50,00% 1,400,000 90 days 700,000 90 days

The base currency for the calculation of points is Turkish Lira (TRY).

All players can transfer their earned VIP-points into real money. ** Except agent players.

TRY VIP-points
- -
100 1,000
200 2,000
500 5,000
1,000 10,000
2,000 20,000
5,000 50,000
Levels Point Multipliers
Bronze 0,5
Silver 1
Gold 1,5
Platinum 2,5
Diamond 3,5
Elite 4
Supernova 5

Terms and Conditions

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  • 2. The reserves the right to expand, cancel, resume, withdraw or change any promotion / offer or any part of it at any time during its validity.
  • 3. By participating in this promotion, the participant fully accepts all the applicable terms and conditions stated here.
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